Negativity is a "gift" that keeps on giving. If, upon receipt, we don't immediately discard it as ugly and unappreciated, we may end up sharing or re-gifting it. I can think of better gifts to give and receive. How about you?
"You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel." Matthew 23:24b. Wow, what a visual! For some reason, reading this passage made me consider the places and spaces in my life where I might be joystipated in my giving--be it financially, emotionally, with my time, talents, or otherwise. I don't want to give minimally while reaping bountifully. And I want to make sure my giving is joyful, not grudging; out of gratitude rather than obligation. Whether at home, church, in my community, with loved ones, etc., I want my giving to be at the optimum level.
I'm always moved by this performance from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater--partly due to the performance itself; partly due to the background song. At this time of the year when Christians, in particular, are taking stock of our lives, the song reminds me that there are just some things I can't fix myself.




"It's almost Spring!" I don't know about you, but I've been hearing this refrain everywhere. Many are eager for the arrival of Spring as the weather in some places has been cold, damp, and dreary. We look forward to warmer temperatures, sunnier skies, chirping birds, blooming flowers, etc.

I find great value in having things to which I look forward. But I want to be careful that in looking forward to other things I don't fail to appreciate the beauty and value in the present. Because, undoubtedly, what's almost here will have challenges of its own.