Christmas is next week, and my heart is heavy as my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and loved ones suffering from last week's mass shooting in Newtown, CT. A painful reminder that We Know Not the Day Or the Hour, and It's a Difficult Time of the Year. Loved ones are now left trying to celebrate those they had. It's incumbent upon the rest of us to be ever mindful to celebrate those we have.

Sometimes there are just no words to express our feelings of loss, anguish, sorrow, devastation, or sympathy. That's one reason why what Christmas represents to me--the birth of Christ, the King--is so meaningful. Because when my heart is torn to pieces, when I feel empty inside, I have a place to go where no words are required. I can go to the King. And for that I'm truly grateful.
Aurora, Colorado. A trip to the movies. Going to have fun. Movie begins. Unexpected chaos. Gunfire. Confusion. Fear. Injuries. Pain. Death. Didn't see it coming. Couldn't see it coming. Why did it happen? No answers. Life has changed for some. Ended for others.

Reminder: Let's be grateful for what we have today. Not put off until tomorrow what we can/should do today. Tomorrow is not promised. We know not the day or the hour.