My vision has been blurry for a few months.  One day it was clear and, seemingly overnight, it became less clear.  The change was discernible only when I attempted to read.  I found that the closer I was to what I was attempting to read, the more cloudy my vision.  The more distance I put between my eyes and what I was reading, the clearer the words became.  Once I came out of denial and paid attention to what the need for distance was telling me, I went to my eye doctor and got a stronger lens.  And voila!  Now I'm seeing clearly again.

Throughout my life, I've needed the clarity that sometimes only distance can provide.  Whether it was a work situation where someone was plucking my nerves, a harrowing health challenge, or a difficult relationship, getting some distance before acting would have helped me to see more clearly.  But without that distance, being too close--that is, caught up in the emotion of the situation--only made things look cloudy.  I have now learned the value of getting some distance in difficult situations.  Whether it's taking some long, deep breaths before speaking, taking time to pray before reacting, or not making a decision before I've had a chance to calm down and think, I'm getting better at viewing life through a stronger lens.  Because the perspective that comes with the stronger lens can change a forecast from cloudy to cloudy with a chance of sunshine.


10/28/2010 9:01am

I can see clearly now the rain has gone, I can see all obsticules in my way. This song and your thoughts are right on point. I appreciate the reminders of stepping back, allowing God to be God and showing me a clearer path. For right now I'm still reading without glasses.


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