What is this thing called joy?  I believe it's different for everyone.  Personally, I find joy inexplicable.  And each time I attempt to describe it, I end up saying something different.  Sometimes it confuses me.  It's often counterintuitive.  When I am hit by one of life's storms, I often find it difficult to understand how I muster the strength to see beyond my circumstances and not throw myself a pity party.  It's not that I deny or ignore the circumstances; I am a realist.  It doesn't mean I don't get sad, angry, or whatever emotion presents itself at the time.  I allow myself to live in the moment and feel whatever I'm feeling.  I just choose not to get mired in my circumstances.  And can I tell you that I've had some circumstances?  I have been taking so many health hits that I often describe it as feeling like a boxer down for the count.  But then my joy kicks in.  And just when the referee starts to count "10", I reach for the ropes and stand.  I may be wobbling, but I'm still standing.  How that happens is inexplicable to me, but I know it to be joy.  When I was growing up I used to hear people in church talk about a feeling of "fire shut up in my bones."  And that's the best description I have of joy--something burning so brightly on the inside that it propels me to fight on.


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