I needed to get my hair done, so I went to my old salon. My stylist was no longer there, so I asked to make an appointment with whomever was available. The stylist with whom I was speaking said he could do my hair. When I asked about availability the following week, the stylist asked, "You don't want it done now?" Immediately, I got a little attitude and responded, "Nooo!"  (You know that emphatic, elongated "no" you give when someone has hit a nerve?) After all, I'm thinking, if I thought I needed my hair done now, I would have asked to be a walk-in, right?  I didn't think my hair looked that bad; I figured I had another week before I was in dire need.  Once I left the salon I got a good laugh from the insinuation of a present dire need; but I waited.

This made me think about how many times I receive a message--whether from someone known or unknown--about something I need to address in my life.  Do I dismiss the message because I'm not ready to make the adjustment in my timing?  What doesn't appear to be a dire need to me may look dire to someone else.  Perhaps I'm in denial (as with my hair), or I've procrastinated because I think I still have time (as with forgiving, revising my living will and will, tightening up my austerity plan, etc.).  I attempt to perform regular life tune-ups throughout the year, and a more extensive examination by year's end.  But just like with the hair situation, it's clear I need help from time to time seeing those things I can't quite see for myself. And making any adjustments sooner rather than later since later availability may be limited. After all, tomorrow is not promised.



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