Some years ago, I heard a minister define faith as jumping off the proverbial cliff and finding your wings on the way down. Whether I jump or am pushed, that's what I call "winging it". When I'm winging it, I'm exercising my faith in God--believing that everything will work out for my good. While that doesn't mean I will get my way, exercising my faith in any given situation is trusting that there is a plan for my life. And, usually, that plan requires operating outside my comfort zone. Adapting to life circumstances I could never have anticipated or envisioned.

I winged it when I moved to Paris. After being misdiagnosed by several doctors in the U.S., a friend who lived in Paris suggested I seek out additional medical opinions there. During my visit, I was properly diagnosed. It turned out that the specialists in my illness were in France. So I moved to get the help I needed. While I know that moving to Paris sounds glamorous, the reality was otherwise given my circumstances. I was ill, heavily medicated, and spoke very little French. Talk about winging it, I flapped my wings so frantically I no doubt lost some feathers. Within my first month, I had to deal with: moving into an apartment without electricity (including heat) for two weeks because the landlord forgot to call the electric company; explaining my situation to various medical practitioners (without causing myself additional harm as a result of my limited French); and having to resolve a leak in my apartment (as I didn't know the words for leak or plumber, I thought my neighbor had written me a welcome note!). Honestly, there were times when I thought I was in for a crash landing. But I got my wings on the way down. As a result of winging it, I was blessed with neighbors who graciously helped me navigate the issues with my apartment, and my doctors understood me just fine (with much patience and humor).

I had a dream to live in Paris since I was 16 years old. Through illness, I learned the value of winging it. Had I not jumped off the cliff and moved to a foreign country, I would not have gotten the medical assistance I needed. And the bonus was that I got to realize my dream.

Even though winging it intimidates me at times, I have found a little more comfort in it. The more I do it, the more I know I can do it. Because of the exercise, my flapping isn't as frantic--my wings are stronger now. I still sometimes resist moving outside my comfort zone. It's scary out there. But it's outside my comfort zone where growth opportunities present themselves and blessings can be found. And every time I jump off the proverbial cliff and wing it, I may not be happy, but I have faith that I'll land exactly where I'm supposed to be.

How do you feel about winging it?



08/28/2012 7:27am

I sm really not sure about what means "winging" except tha i am no bird :) but i can assure you that outside my confort zone, i met my greatest life!!! As one of my friend says : when you bet yourself, you'll always win!

08/28/2012 3:11pm

Wow, this one bought tears to my eyes. My 22 year old son "winged it" last year when he decided after he graduated from college with a degree in Film that he had to go to LA to pursue his dream. I could not believe that my "baby" was moving more than 3,000 miles away from me with no job and really no prospects. He assured me that he was ready for this adventure. God and I talked so much during that time that I think that He actually blocked me out. Haha. Well God did what he always does best, taking care of us. He found a job in less than a month (in his field) he then found an apartment, bought a car and has made his way. As I tell him everyday, "he has walked into adulthood very well". He has gone through being laid off and surviving and finding employment again. Wow, God never ceases to amaze!!!!! Just keep "winging it" and he'll keep on keeping us.

08/29/2012 2:03am


While I can only imagine the stress you must have felt as the parent of a "winger", you know without a doubt that your son was never alone during his journey. And now, his testimony will inspire others, as I'm sure it has inspired you.

08/28/2012 4:40pm

Hi Philippe!

It's wonderful to hear from you. Your comment made me laugh as it reminded me how difficult it was for you to explain French to me.

08/29/2012 1:37am

Winging it is very hard for me sometimes because it takes me out of my comfort zone. I notice, however, that when I do step out of that zone I am so grateful because I learn, see and am able to do so much more than I thought I could, and I become so very proud of myself .

08/29/2012 1:56am

Hi Doreen,

It's wonderful that you're open to opportunities presented outside of your comfort zone. I, too, am proud of you.


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