Living My Joy
I want to believe everyone has a light. Some shine brighter than others. Sometimes, it depends on the person and/or the circumstances. For example, one's light might shine like a searchlight (looking for opportunities to help others) in the morning, and a nightlight (just illuminating a path for someone) by the end of the day. I know some wonder if they have a light at all because darkness seems to permeate their lives. They've been so beaten down by life circumstances, the daily grind, other folks' negative opinions and perceptions, or their own negative perceptions and/or attitudes, that they don't recognize there's a light inside trying to shine.

I believe most of us have a light that shines brighter than we know. We may not be able to see it in ourselves, but others see it. Has anyone ever told you they see something positive in you that you didn't recognize in yourself? Or that they admire you and you don't know why? I believe that's your light shining. Then there are others who recognize the brilliance of their light but try to hide it to make others feel comfortable. They worry that others cannot handle it, will resent it, etc.

It's so important that we let our light shine. We live in a world full of darkness. I believe we were put on this earth to help each other. If we're hiding our light, we're doing ourselves and others a disservice. Our light might be what sparks a light in someone else; it may propel someone into action. It could be the very thing that gives someone hope. Maybe it's by offering a helping hand, a smile, a hug, donation, encouragement, sacrificing time, etc. A small flicker of light from us may cause a fire to grow in the belly of someone else. What may seem insignificant to us may mean the world to someone else.

I don't believe we should hide our light to please others. Some just may not be ready for what we have to offer. This is not about arrogance. It's not about shining our light in others' faces like a spotlight. I believe the light of arrogance is dim. Instead, it's about living our lives in a way that people are helped, inspired and/or encouraged. Not everyone will be appreciative, but we can't control that.

What about the light we shine at home? Are those closest to us beneficiaries of our light, or do we save it for others? If so, perhaps that's a light with a little too much shade.

What do you think?



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Good stuff. Keep it coming, I love. ><))))>


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