We all experience pain in our lives. If you haven't, like older people used to say when I was growing up, "just keep living." Whether the pain is emotional, physical, etc., we all have things that hurt us. Sometimes, it's inevitable that others will see our pain. Other times, it's not. I don't knock anyone who openly expresses their pain. But I don't want anyone knocking me if/when I don't. Or, to assume an absence of pain because there's no outward manifestation of it. We all handle things differently. Neither my way nor anyone else's way is right or wrong; it's just different.

When I initially became ill, I was absolutely miserable due to pain, but I didn't show it. Even most of my former doctors didn't believe me (until my tumor was found)--and that's why they're my former doctors. Neither my countenance nor my physicality fit their checklist. Over the years, I've had other doctors, friends, and associates question whether I could truly be in the pain I said I was in because they couldn't see any manifestation of it or hear it in my voice. Now, in case you haven't figured it out based on subtle hints on this site (for example, the "Are you Joystipated?" page), one of my health issues requires fairly frequent visits to my gastroenterologists (yes, plural). You can trust me when I say these are the types of issues that can make one quite prickly. So, when I'm pleasant, suffice it to say it's because I'm living my joy and not my circumstances. Typically, the worse I feel the more I go out of my way to look the opposite. I'm going to put on my lipstick and earrings. More likely than not, I'm going to wear a pair of high heels (although low by today's standards). And, hopefully, if we cross paths, I'm going to give you the best I have at that time. Yes, indeed, that's how I'm living. Because I'm still here! I'm still standing! There's so much in my life that's good and right that I refuse to place my focus on what's wrong.

As I write this post, I'm doing some self-examination. There are definitely situations where I've been guilty of the very thing about which I write. So now when I see or talk to someone, I'm going to try to be more mindful and not assume all is well because there's no obvious indication that something is wrong. Instead, I'm going to listen to what they say. Because, like me, they may be holding their head high since a lower view is too restrictive. Living their joy instead of their circumstances. Why must I see their pain to believe it exists?


09/18/2012 12:13pm

I learned that lesson a long time ago when I was trying to get pregnant with my son. Everything is not always what it seems on the outside. But as Christians we must always remember "When God is in it, there is no limit"!!!! We have to thank Him for His blessings, seen and unseen.

09/18/2012 10:49pm

I know exactly what you mean when you say living the joy, instead of living the circumstances.There are many times when I don't feel well and someone will say to me you look good and all I can do is smile.God is Good isn't He.

09/23/2012 2:29am

I know I will have pain most days. I may never be able to walk with out aid again, but I am happier than I have ever been most of my life. Why? Because "Jesus" is in my life and that gives me such JOY!!! Praise HIM! ><))))>

09/23/2012 3:01am


That is an encouraging testimony. Thank you for sharing it.


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