I believe everyone has a story. Do we use our stories and, if so, how? For example, do we use our stories solely as a way of generating sympathy for ourselves (the woe is me chronicles), or do we use our stories to help others? In other words, do we share the glory in our stories?

I know, I know, some of our stories are shameful. Plenty of folks' lives include something about which they're ashamed. Some of our stories are painful. Who has lived a life without some measure of pain? And then there's the no one else would understand way of thinking. Others may/will judge us. Yes, they will. But here's the thing, others judge us without knowing our stories, so what difference does it make? And they have some things in their lives they aren't too happy to share. Believe that! So again, what difference does it make? Take away any power you're giving others by telling your own story. Telling your story doesn't mean you have to put your business on full blast--no blog, Facebook or Twitter confessions necessary. There's nothing wrong with only sharing your story with someone you've determined is trustworthy. Or, a conversation with a perfect stranger may encourage you to share your story with them. And if you happen to have a life's worth of stories (some folks' lives have been more robust than others'), you don't have to tell it all. But surely there's something you can share that would help someone else.

It's crucial to look for the lesson in any situation and, once learned, to pass it on. That's how we support and build up each other. By refusing to allow our stories to define or limit us, we give them limitless potential when we share them to aid, encourage, and/or empower others. In the process, we do the same for ourselves.

Maybe the only glory in your story is character building. That's okay as when something is being built, it's on the way up. The tearing down has already occurred. Time to move on. Your new building is the glory in your story. How about giving a tour?



10/23/2012 12:03pm

You are right It is a good feeling to not only tell your story,but to listen to others and their stories .You can truly be encouraged.
I've tried it and I love it.

10/23/2012 12:07pm

So many times we are so afraid of being judged that we can't see that our hardships and life's lessons can be a blessing to someone else. Don't be afraid to open up, just know who you are opening up to.

10/25/2012 9:22pm

. . . Most of the time we just think nobody will be interested . . .


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