Living My Joy
I believe there is something we all were purposed to do in this life. Maybe it's creating or inventing something, championing or furthering a cause, philanthropy, helping to feed, clothe, teach, encourage, or provide for others, whether as an individual, via an organization, your own business, or otherwise. Whatever the purpose and the vehicle through which it will be accomplished, no one can walk in our purpose the way we can. Either as a leader or in a support role, how we accomplish our purpose will be unique. Why? Because I believe that if it's our purpose, we have custom made shoes (the tools) to walk into and live it in our special way. Shoes made just for us, by design, perfectly measured and styled--accounting for abnormalities, strengths, and weaknesses--for maximum comfort. Molded for us.
Living our purpose doesn't mean it will be easy. There will be discouragement and setbacks along the way. By walking in our custom made shoes, we can better handle the range of  joys, progress, challenges, and disappointments that arise while living our purpose. Personally, I love the materials and design of my custom made shoes. The soles of my shoes--my firm foundation--are formed from my relationship with God. My heels are formed from my faith. God's loving arms wrapped around me form the upper portion of my shoes, with the right amount of flexibility and durability. I may get plenty of nicks and scuff marks while living my purpose, but I know that no matter the situation, I am uniquely qualified to handle it. I have a pair of custom made shoes just right for any occasion.



11/27/2012 8:05pm

Even though the shoes may be uncomfortable at first, God will help us break them in. >))))>

11/27/2012 8:27pm

So true.

12/30/2012 11:35pm

Thanks for putting another "spin" on our relationship with God. I agree that sometimes our shoes feel a little uncomfortable when we first put them on. Wow, but when God makes that adjustment (to us) they really feel good!!!

01/05/2013 10:08pm

My shoes are like rubber soled track shoes. Enough bounce to sustain me when life has tried to take me down to the mat. Fast enough to get me out of some tough situations. The laces are like Gods loving arms around me holding tight and secure. My friends encourage me to jump higher, run faster, and dance like no tomorrow, they are my bounce to the ounce. Thank God!


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