It's a new year. Many of us begin the year with hope that a new year will hold the promise of better times ahead. This brings to mind a discussion I had with my grandmother years ago about how we often think a change of scenery will make a difference in the status of our lives. That if only we could move, change jobs, mates, circumstances, etc., our lives would improve exponentially. And what she said stuck with me. She said that what people don't seem to understand is that whatever change you make, you take yourself into the new situation. So you better be sure you're not part of the problem. If so, work on changing yourself before changing the situation. There's nothing like a grandparent's wisdom. Thus, as I consider the promise of a new year, I'm assessing what revisions I need to make to ensure I'm not taking the same old me into a new year expecting a change of scenery to equal better times ahead.

How about you?


01/08/2013 12:33pm

Grandmoms can give some great tips.Thanks for sharing that one.
I am certainly asking God to help me with changing ME in so many
ways, starting with my attitude . I believe this is going to be my best
year ever.

01/09/2013 3:30am

Sounds like good advice to me!!

01/09/2013 8:56pm

With age comes wisdom holds true to the end thank God for grandmas



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