At this time of the year, many are joyful and super motivated. They have new attitudes, hopes, dreams, goals, and plans, and are ready to put them into action. There are others, however, who are suffering from joystipation. They feel bound, discouraged, and unmotivated. It's not that they don't have goals, hopes, or dreams. Perhaps they don't have the resources to realize them. Or, perhaps their circumstances are such that they don't believe they can realize them--at least not now. Well, if you've explored this website and/or read my blog before, you shouldn't be surprised by what I'm about to say: If you're joystipated, it's time for a movement!

Why not get unbound and bloom where you're planted? Don't wait for the circumstances to change. Grow wherever you are now. Absent dire circumstances, I believe we all have the ability to do something. That something may be an alteration of our hopes, plans, or dream(s), or it may take us in a totally different direction. Sometimes it's our circumstances that lead us to our purpose if we are open to a detour in our plan(s). It's important to look for the blessing(s) in our current circumstances, if any, and if we can't find any, to work on creating some to help someone else. Ultimately, we'll be blessed in the process. And then, when/if our circumstances change, we'll be stronger, wiser, and better prepared for the next step.

Many of us know people who are blooming where they're planted. Using their circumstances to help others. Focusing on their blessings rather than their circumstances. Defining their circumstances rather than allowing their circumstances to define them. But if  you need some additional motivation, check out this video:
Nick's now married with a child on the way. Check out this link:

*Wish I could take credit for it, but I first heard the concept "bloom where you're planted" at a program in Paris created to help foreigners get acclimated to their new environment.


01/15/2013 1:19pm

AWESOME Thank you for sharing This. I cried the entire time I watched the video. I felt so guilty.It made me so aware of complaining, when I have so much and some folk have much less
and do so much with it.
Thanks again

01/15/2013 4:39pm

After watching a few of his videos, I realized that his attitude about life epitomizes the message of the spiritual, "It is Well With My Soul". "Whatever my lot, though has taught me to say, it is well, it is well, with my soul." What a testimony!


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