"You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel." Matthew 23:24b. Wow, what a visual! For some reason, reading this passage made me consider the places and spaces in my life where I might be joystipated in my giving--be it financially, emotionally, with my time, talents, or otherwise. I don't want to give minimally while reaping bountifully. And I want to make sure my giving is joyful, not grudging; out of gratitude rather than obligation. Whether at home, church, in my community, with loved ones, etc., I want my giving to be at the optimum level.


03/19/2013 10:39am

That is quite a thought provoking visual indeed. It truly warrants
checking MYSELF in those areas noted.I certainly don't want to be

03/21/2013 9:48pm

That's something we all need to examine in ourselves.
Thanks Nat.


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