There's a school of thought that says what we mind (give attention to) in life is what matters to us. That if our minds are truly set to something--whether a goal, dream, relationship, etc.--we take actions consistent with nurturing it. If not, then it doesn't matter. If only life were that simple. I know it's possible to think about something or someone who matters yet not give it/them the necessary or proper attention. It's not always intentional. Sometimes, it's the result of inability, procrastination, shifting priorities, a lack of time, energy, or resources. But I want to get better at minding the people and things in my life that matter. Otherwise, it's possible to miss opportunities--including opportunities to lend a helping hand, to say I'm thinking of you, I love you, until we meet again, etc. And that matters.


04/09/2013 11:06am

You are absolutely correct, it does matter.Thanks for the reminder.
Unintentional things sometimes do occur,but I am going to be more
focused on things that matter

04/13/2013 11:15pm

It's a common struggle, but so important to try.

04/13/2013 10:22pm

Good post and makes me think because it is possible to miss important things that matter. Have to think of even the little things because they do matter.

04/13/2013 11:20pm

Thanks for your comment, JT. I agree, and sometimes the little things matter the most.


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