Usually, when we see blooming flowers and plants we think their seeds were intentionally placed--especially in the yard or garden of someone's home. Of course, that's not always the case. We never know when the wind or some other means of transport has  caused an unwanted and/or destructive seed (in other words, a weed) to land among the chosen blooms. No one intentionally plants weeds, right? Well, since the definition of "weed" is subjective, one person's flower is another person's weed. For example, dandelions. Some people intentionally plant them, and don't mind that new dandelions will likely grow wherever the seeds are transported by the wind, someone blowing them, etc. But for those who don't like or want dandelions, the transport and growth of those seeds is a weed problem.

Much like the seeds of flowers and plants, we transport the seeds of our lives wherever we go. We carry seeds to our jobs, our communities, our families, as well as in our interactions with friends and strangers. We like to think we transport seeds of hope, growth, joy, love, peace, encouragement, support, compassion, etc. But, sometimes, the seeds we carry, while welcomed by some, are considered weeds by others. Maybe it's the way we transport the seeds, maybe there's history in the interactions, or our own pain, baggage, etc. is causing damage to our seeds. Or, maybe it's an issue with the recipients. Unless someone tells us, how can we know? I wish I knew the answer. We can't control how others respond to us. But we can do our best to ensure that the seeds of our lives are as healthy as possible. (I believe we can't give our best without working on our mess.) And, hopefully, the healthier our seeds, the less likely they'll be treated as weeds.



04/17/2013 1:55am

How sad it is for one to think he's spreading "seeds" but to be unkowingly spreading weeds because he refuses to look at his own packet or what's growing as a result. :(

04/17/2013 3:02am

Hi Tracey,

Sad, indeed.


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