Sometimes I allow life's minor irritants to impact me negatively. In other words, I sometimes sweat the small stuff. You know how atmospheric mist is just shy of rain so you don't open an umbrella, but it's just enough water to ruin a hairstyle, dampen your clothes, etc.? Well, some situations or occurrences in my life are not all that significant or earth shattering, but I allow them to irritate me just enough that they pluck a nerve, dampen my enthusiasm, cause disappointment or discouragement, or cause me to become distracted. When I give these occurrences more significance/weight/power than they deserve, the "mist" can alter my mood, attitude, or my day.

But there's also a mist that makes me sentimental--gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Like seeing a baby smile; witnessing, hearing about, or performing a random act of kindness; hugs; kind words; watching the sun set, a sunrise, etc. That's the kind of mist that gives me an extra pep in my step. And I find that the more I practice gratitude and focus on what's good about life, I have less of a knee-jerk negative reaction to minor irritants. Instead, I become a prisoner of hope and joy. That, too, makes me misty.



Eeslle Milsap
05/22/2013 12:37am

Words that should be remembered every day!


Words that should be remembered every day!


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