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"When I‘m feeling anxious or impatient about my growth, I think of the Chinese bamboo plant. For the first four years of its life, all you can see is a little tiny shoot growing out of the ground. However, during those first years, an intricate, deep, and wide root structure is developing. Then, in the fifth year, this bamboo plant can grow up to 80 feet high. Even when I can‘t see it, I‘m growing (as long as I‘m doing the work!)." Anonymous
When we've been working on our personal growth by, for example, making sacrifices, overlooking slights, forgiving hurts (intentional and unintentional), holding our tongue or showing kindness when we really want to show out, and/or standing strong when we want to give up, it's often difficult to keep pressing forward in the face of setbacks. Setbacks sometimes occur when our efforts don't seem to be appreciated. In those instances, we may become frustrated and revert to our previous behavior. But when we realize that the growth is for us (even though others may also reap the benefits), it helps us regain our focus. We can only control ourselves--not others or how they respond to our efforts.

Life's experiences--the ups, downs, joys, pain, sorrows, disappointments--help us to establish roots. Roots that strengthen us, build character, teach us courage, patience, forgiveness, etc. It may take longer than we expect or anticipate, but if we persevere, we will see growth in our branches. So we press on. One step at a time. And little by little, our roots will grow and get stronger. And then, when we least expect it, we will find ourselves in situations that reflect the exponential growth in our branches--beyond anything we could have imagined. And we'll learn to accept that we had to endure the growing pains so our roots would get strong enough to support the growth of our branches. But it's important to remember the weeds. They, too, have roots that will grow if we don't pull them--that is, do the work. There will always be challenges that provide opportunities for growth. However, once we've seen progress in one area of our lives, we can be encouraged that no matter the challenge, with hard work and diligence, we'll see growth again.



AL Rush
06/04/2013 11:46am

Perfect timing as usual with what is happening in my life thank you for you insight and direction.


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