There's a great deal of value in movement. We are advised regularly to move our bodies to improve our health. We're told movement in our careers is advisable to avoid stagnation. Sometimes, it's necessary to move out of bad situations, or to move away from those we deem hurtful or toxic. Other times, it's beneficial to move toward something or someone. Sometimes we don't move because no one has asked it of us. But there are times we must ask it of ourselves.

Movement can break barriers in our lives and propel us forward. It can help us drop baggage, overcome challenges, accomplish goals/dreams, provide clarity, growth, a change in perspective, and encouragement. Movement requires action, progress. If we want something, we must do something. Contemplation, conversation, and complaining are sometimes more commonplace than movement. Each has value to some extent, but these three C's in the absence of movement can be meaningless. It's important to remember that a lack of movement/inaction can have consequences. We must be honest in assessing whether we can live with them.

There are many reasons we may not have movement in our lives--or at least certain aspects of our lives. We may be tired, fearful, complacent, overwhelmed, without resources, lack courage, the requisite knowledge, etc. But if there's something we truly want, we must take a step towards it. Saying we want something is not enough. Just one step forward--even a small step--is progress. Things may not happen as quickly as we would like, we may have setbacks, become discouraged, etc. But if we keep moving, something will eventually happen.

Do you need movement in your life?


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