When we're preparing for work, an event, a meeting, an interview, etc., we usually spend time considering what to wear. We want to be properly dressed. Have you ever gotten all gussied up and then found you weren't dressed for the occasion? Recently, I attended a life celebration/funeral that caused me to reflect on the necessity of being dressed for the occasion in a different context--that is, being ready when my time comes. You and I may differ on what it means to be dressed for that occasion, and I know this subject is morbid to some. But that time comes for us all. And whenever the call comes for me, I want to be ready to answer based on the condition of my soul and the life I've lived.

I live a joyful, textured life full of rich and diverse experiences. I'm living my purpose,  loving my journey (well, not all of it, but I gotta take the good and the bad), and I've been blessed beyond measure. But what's most important to me is trying to live a life pleasing to God. It's not about trying to be perfect, as that's impossible. We all have our struggles. Remember this "shining" example? We ALL have our struggles. And if you follow this blog, you know I'm big on self-examination, soul-cleansing, maintenance, and improvement. I routinely ask myself questions like: "am I who I say I am, am I doing the best I can do, giving the best I can give; would my colleagues and neighbors be surprised to find out I'm a Christian because of the way I carry myself on days other than Sunday; do only my Christian friends and church members know I'm a Christian?" My answer, no matter the question, is that I can always do better. I want to live a life where my words, deeds, and attitudes consistently reflect what I say I believe and what's most important to me. 'Cause when it's all said and done, I don't want to be all gussied up, but not dressed for the occasion.


07/23/2013 9:03am

It is a struggle sometimes,but I'm also trying to dress for the occasion everyday. If the dress is not right for the occasion,He makes me aware and I have to change.It takes a minute sometimes
but it's always beneficial.Thanks for sharing that message.

07/24/2013 1:46pm

Yes, the struggles can indeed take years (I know you said a minute! :-)), but we keep pressing on.

07/23/2013 3:56pm

Oh so important to be 'dressed' for the occasion. I know I have left off a piece of my outfit (armor) by the way I react to situations. When I'm dressed appropriately those darts don't penetrate and my insecurities and fears don't show through. I don't get angry as quickly and my words are softer and more edifying. Why is it that while I know how to dress for the occasion I choose at times not to too? I certainly need to try harder!

07/24/2013 1:54pm

Our human frailties often rear their ugly heads, but we try to see the issues for what they are, pick ourselves up, and work to do better the next time.


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