Living My Joy
Here are some of the lessons I've learned while living in Paris:

1) When we don't try to understand each other, any language--even our mother tongue--is a foreign language.

2) Common courtesy and respect will take you a long way.

3) It's easy to see beauty in the obvious, but heartwarming to see it in the not so obvious.

4) Different is not wrong or bad . . . it's just different.

5) Being set in your ways is bondage.

6) Curiosity and learning are necessary for growth.

7) You can make a friend anywhere. A person whose language you don't understand can become a friend if you use your heart to communicate.

8) You'll miss out on treasures if you're not willing to step outside your comfort zone.

9) Much of life is beyond our control, so it's important to make the most of what's within our control.

10) Allowing fear of the unknown to keep you from trying something new can block your blessings.

Universal, n'est ce pas?



07/09/2013 4:34am

Ah oui!

07/09/2013 6:43pm

merci mademoiselle.

07/10/2013 2:57pm

Great points! Often I hear the comment "that's
just the way I am" As if this is a reasonable excuse for the often times negative behavior.
So much is missed when we are not willing to be flexible in life's always changing landscape.


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