Let me tell you about Mr. B. I met him while walking down the street. We made eye contact, said hello, and I asked how he was doing. His response was, "doing just fine, especially because the nice weather makes it easier for me to be on the streets. Even when the weather is bad, much like life, it's all in how you cope." We spent the next @45 minutes laughing and talking about current events, politics, life in general, the plight of our youth, etc.
Mr. B is college educated and homeless. He shared that he ended up on the streets because he's bipolar. And that although his life isn't easy, he's blessed. The entire time we spoke, I was looking for an opportunity to encourage him. But he was so full of light that his conversation encouraged me. As we ended our talk and I turned to leave, Mr. B said, "I'm usually here. If there's anything I can do for you, to help you, please come see me." This man, who ostensibly has so little, offered to help me. My heart was, and remains, so full.



08/20/2013 10:57pm

It is apparent that no matter what situation Ben finds himself in, he finds joy. (Paraphrasing Paul) ><((((>

08/21/2013 12:07am

I agree, Estelle. And what a wonderful example.

08/22/2013 12:53pm

We need more Mr. Bs in this country/world! If we take our focus off ourselves and place it on someone else---what a difference this world could be. Thank you for the inspiration to reach beyond me!

08/22/2013 1:41pm

So true, Juva . . . What a world this would be!


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