Living My Joy
I know, this photo is very unpleasant for some. But I took it because the first thing that came to mind when I saw these critters was gossipers congregating, waiting around for a piece of cheese (news). Totally oblivious to the fact that it's just a matter of time before the trap.

Life often teaches us that when we gossip it says as much about us as the target(s) of our gossip. While we may not get caught up in drama for gossiping, we may end up hurting others and/or ourselves. And that's a trap of our own making. I find it's easier to have and maintain my joy when I focus on taking care of my own business rather than spreading someone else's.


10/08/2013 3:20pm

Gossip sometimes cause it's victim(s) to commit suicide. Gossip is a vile practice.

10/08/2013 3:42pm

So true. While they may be just words to us, they may be life-altering to someone else.


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