Living My Joy
Bridges are pathways that make connections. They may connect the old to the new, the rich to the poor, the known to the unknown. Some bridges are solid, sturdy. Some are in disrepair and should not be traversed before the infrastructure is restored. Some bridges are beautiful and greatly admired. Others, not so much. Sometimes we cross bridges because we're curious about what's on the other side. Other times we do so out of necessity. Sometimes we decide not to cross bridges because we are fearful. But one thing is fairly certain: if we never cross a bridge, we'll live a life of confinement, limitation.

People . . . we, too, are bridges. Pathways that make connections. It's up to us to bridge divides, stand in the gaps, reach across lines, explore the unknown, and  face and overcome our fears in order to make the infrastructure of our connections the best and strongest it can be. And while we may not always be successful, there's victory in the attempt(s).


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