Living My Joy
Conventional wisdom says we should live below our means, specifically, our financial means. Makes sense, right? Because living above our financial means can have repercussions that ripple throughout our lives.

I've been living above my means for years. Not my financial means, but my life's means--my own personal capabilities to make things happen. When confronted with circumstances I cannot handle on my own--for example, forgiving what seems unforgivable, mustering the strength and courage to handle serious health issues, dealing with life's various setbacks, living my dreams, etc.,--I find it necessary to tap into my faith line of credit. Sometimes, the amount available is very small. But I've found that each time I access the line, my faith balance grows. My repayment plan consists of regular deposits of gratitude for what I have and what's on the way, as well as sharing my journey (the challenges and the victories) with others to provide encouragement. Living beyond my means is recognition and acceptance that winging it is sometimes/ofttimes necessary. And through it all, I'm still standing.


10/22/2013 5:44pm

Currently, I'm finding it necessary to refuel my faith account. Hang in there.


10/22/2013 6:12pm

You too, Estelle. We'll pray for each other. Thanks so much for the encouragement.

10/22/2013 10:36pm

I am so encouraged by your WISDOM.

10/23/2013 12:51am

That's nice to know. Thank you, Doreen.


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