Life is full of change--schools, jobs, relationships, locations, seasons, life phases and stages. Some people just accept change as a necessary part of life, some actually embrace change, and others resist change of any kind. For many, it depends on the particular change since, as we know, change can bring excitement, exhilaration, and joy, as well as pain, sadness, and devastation, or some combination thereof.

One thing is certain: change will occur whether we accept it or not. It's how we handle the change that makes the difference--whether we transition with the change. While I know that technically change and transition are the same, I believe change can occur without us making a transition. For example, the season has changed from summer to fall. If those who live in less temperate climate conditions refuse to make that transition and continue to dress for summer, they may suffer when the temperatures fall significantly. Change without transition.

Some changes are more subtle than others and it may take a while for us to notice.
But once we recognize a change, it's important to make a transition in our actions, thoughts, and/or attitudes. Absent transitions, we may become stuck, stagnant, apathetic.
Even painful change can result in hope, growth, and new opportunities if we're willing to make a transition. Some folks are so resistant to change that they would rather be unhappy, miserable, and dissatisfied in their current situation (i.e., job, relationship, financial status) than transition into the possibility of something better. You know, that old "devil you know" issue.

Some transitions are more difficult, and take longer, than others. And while major changes can be challenging, we need not become permanently unhinged by them.
For example, if change introduces limitations into our lives, we can transition by focusing on and celebrating the limitations we don't have. We're better served by embracing what's possible rather than impossible. Refusing to let go of what was prevents us from fully enjoying the present and moving forward. Even when it's difficult to accept change, it's important to remain open to it. Accepting change and making transitions may be the difference between realizing our dreams and regretting that we didn't pursue them. It may be the difference between living a joyful life and living life on the sidelines. Transitioning with and through life's changes . . . it's up to us.



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