I'm taking inventory of my year, reflecting upon the things that were good; things that expired or that  need to expire; the love in my life; contributions I've  made to the lives of others; contributions others have made to my life; what caused me to grow; where I had setbacks; the state of my joy; what, if anything, I  allowed to compromise my joy; what surprised me; what disappointed me; how I can do better; how I can be better, etc. I try to be mindful not to assess my year, or how I feel about the year, based on what's happening at the present time. Especially if what I'm currently experiencing is so good, or so challenging, that it's all-consuming. Because while it's important to be/live in the present, I find tremendous value in taking time to contemplate my year in its entirety. Just as a life cannot/should not be measured by one experience in isolation, I don't want to define my year solely based on what's happening in my life at the present time. And this may cause me to revisit some of the pain I've experienced this year, but I'm alright with that. Because it will also cause me to revisit my joys. And once I've had my time of reflection, I will celebrate the joy and hope I have that the light of 2014 will shine brightly for us all.

Wishing you a joyous, healthy, loving, peaceful, and prosperous 2014!!!



12/31/2013 12:01pm

Thank you for ALL the inspiration and encouragement you've given
all year long. I pray that your 2014 will be joyous,healthy,loving,
peaceful,and prosperous also. As I reflect on 2013, I have to say,
through everything that has taken place in my life during the year
GOD HAS BEEN GOOD and since He never
changes,I expect the same next year no matter what the year brings,good,bad or indifferent.

12/31/2013 12:17pm

Thanks, Doreen.

And I share your declaration and expectation.

12/31/2013 9:15pm

GOD has been awesome to me and mine. At my age, I've learned not to look back or buy green bananas ;*) - if I wake up and I' m lucid, I praise the Lord and enjoy the moment. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!2014 ><))))>

12/31/2013 9:33pm

Thanks, Estelle. I appreciate the reminders that tomorrow is not promised, and to be thankful for clarity of thought.

01/01/2014 11:37pm

I first started reading your home page, As usual your insight and view on life as a hole grounds me and allows me to put in perspective what is necessary here and now. At this time of year people always asks what your New Year's resolution will be. I'm always ambielent becuase I immediately start looking at what I'm going through and how that makes me feel rather than as you stated reflecting on the joys and pains of the past year and how to improve or learn from those experiences Thank you for targeting the purpose of accepting the hear and now and looking forward.


01/02/2014 12:15am

Welcome to the journey, Al. I hope you'll find it beneficial.


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