It's often easiest to pursue a resolution or commitment in the beginning stages. That's when we may have significant enthusiasm thinking about all we want to accomplish. As with many things, however, that enthusiasm may wane when the process of meeting our goal(s) becomes challenging. This is why it's sometimes important to share our goals with someone/others who will help us be accountable. I appreciate having others ask me about my progress on my resolutions and/or commitments. They may be able to provide much needed support, perspective or encouragement if I have a setback or hit a bump in the road. It's also good to have others check our progress because we may be able to inspire them in reaching their goal(s). Some of us have the ability to hold ourselves accountable. But when we need help, it's worth finding someone/others who will check on us from time to time so those resolutions or commitments don't become just something we once thought about doing.


01/14/2014 9:20pm

Gentle nugging is always welcome and needed. ; ))!

01/14/2014 10:21pm

Gentle is good.:-)


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