We are ofttimes myopic in our thinking when we've set a goal(s), and march full force ahead in the pursuit of it. We know what we want, we know when we want it, and we know how we plan to go about accomplishing it. But sometimes in our quest, we overlook the beauty in the process. There's beauty in deciding to do something we've never done; trying something new or different; stepping outside our comfort zone; taking steps to improve ourselves. What about the joy of taking the first step toward reaching your goal? There's beauty there. Did we learn something new? There's beauty there. Did we meet new people who are making the same journey? There's beauty there. Did we learn something about ourselves we never knew? There's beauty there. Did we inspire or encourage someone else by beginning our project/moving towards our goal? There's beauty there. If we take the time to look, there's beauty to be found right there in the midst of our journey. And it's important not to miss it. Because in the event it takes longer than we planned to reach our goal(s), or the goal doesn't fulfill us in the way we thought it would, it just may be the beauty we found in the journey that helps to sustain us.


01/22/2014 4:24am

. . . and the relationships that you may make along the way can be priceless.

01/22/2014 4:43am

I can attest to this as I met two of my best friends after moving beyond my comfort zone.

01/23/2014 6:17pm

Sometimes it's frustrating, scary, intimidating however so much joy and beauty can be found in the little accomplishments that may or may not get us to our ultimate goal/s. You inspire me!

01/23/2014 9:04pm

Thank you, Karen. You, too, are an inspiration, and it's wonderful being a spectator along the route of your journey.


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