For purposes of traffic control, yellow lights caution us to slow down because a red light is imminent. How many of us race through yellow lights in an attempt to avoid/beat the red light, only to get caught by the next red light or behind a car traveling slower than the speed limit? I've been there a time or two.

We are presented with yellow lights in our daily lives, as well. Things that caution us to slow down or take a step back. We can get in a hurry if there's something we want or want to do, only to wish--once we have it--that we had taken the time to heed the cautionary yellow lights we saw along the way. Yellow lights like intuition, listening, observing, things learned through due diligence, etc. But we want what we want when we want it. And if we choose to race through the yellow light(s) and run through the red light(s) too, we may find there are consequences--for example, with business decisions, finances, friendships, romantic relationships, in attempts to achieve goals or live a dream, employment situations, etc.

I don't know about you, but I've raced through/ignored enough yellow lights in my life that I now respect and honor their protection. Clarity and blessings can result from respecting life's yellow lights. So, I've learned to slow down, put on the brakes in the presence of yellow lights, as it's better to proceed with caution than race to a bad result.


02/11/2014 9:19am

I can certainly identify with the yellow light. I am glad you made it so clear. Sometimes I pause but not long enough. I have to do better and I will, Running through IS COSTLY.

02/11/2014 4:09pm

Ah yes, there is something to be said for reflection, time and wisdom!!!


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