Often, we speak of having a "black sheep" in the family, or relatives or friends whose character, personality, outbursts, drunkenness, lewd behavior, etc. disgust or make us uncomfortable. (Think back to family gatherings--funerals, weddings, reunions, holidays, etc. as points of reference.) I'm referring to those who don't see themselves as having any issues and, accordingly, are doing nothing to improve themselves. This, despite the fact that very few willingly choose to be in their presence for extended periods of time. Typically, we have limited contact with them because we are distant in heart, geography, or both.

As I continue to work on my many imperfections, it makes me ask if I'm ready for my close-up? In other words, who am I without my life's makeup--for example, when I let down my hair, or when I'm alone? If those with whom I am distant got a good look at me and my life up close and personal, how cracked would my mirror be? Would I be the outcast? A question always worthy of examination for those of us on the path of continued improvement. "The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching." John Wooden



02/18/2014 3:35pm

Yes. It's like going to heaven and seeing a relative you didn't think would make it there. . . Only God really knows the "heart" of another person. When I find myself thinking that way, I ask God to soften my heart and let me see what he sees. Sometimes it works - I'm a flawed human after all!!! ;- )


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