Are the lives we lead consistent with what we say we need; we want; is important to us? Do we want to be healthy yet engage in unhealthy behavior(s)? Do we need financial stability yet spend everything we earn and then some? Do we say we are tired of drama yet create drama ourselves or surround ourselves with others who do? Do we say we are tired of clutter yet continue to collect and/or fail to clean, clear out or declutter our homes, offices, etc.? Do we say we want to eliminate the baggage in our lives yet refuse to take steps to unpack it? Do we say we have goals and/or dreams yet fail to take steps to pursue them? Do we say that something within our control must change yet fail to do what's necessary to make the change? Do we say we want/need a different job yet fail to pursue other opportunities? Do we say our lives are unfulfilling yet fail to seek fulfillment? Do we say we're exhausted and over-extended or -committed yet fail to make adjustments? Do we say we need/want to accomplish a task yet procrastinate and, ultimately, leave it undone? Do we say we need more yet fail to count our present  blessings?

Is the life you lead consistent with what you say you need, want, and/or is important to you? I don't know about you, but I have "a little" work to do.


03/18/2014 7:27am

I, like you, have work to do.

03/18/2014 9:05pm

To some questions yes, to others no. But I could use some adjustments in a lot of areas. I am working on some of them, praise God!! ><))))>


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