Have you ever been on your way somewhere--usually on a tight schedule--and been forced to take a detour because the road is closed? Detours can be maddening, can't they? They can get us off course and delay our journey. And, if we haven't allotted sufficient time, they can cause us to be late for, or miss, our designated event, or change our plans entirely. But sometimes because of a detour we discover something we never knew existed. For example, have you ever been forced to take a different route and found yourself exclaiming, "I never knew that was here!"?

It's the same with life's detours. We're headed in a particular direction and something happens, unexpectedly, to change or delay our course/progress. If we take the time to be present in the moment and assess what's before us, we just might discover something worthwhile.
We never know if we will be on the road of someone else's detour or who will be on the road of our detour. A detour might spare us from something or open a door to something. I know of situations where people met their life partners because a blind date was late; changed plans after striking up a brief conversation with a stranger on a train and, as a result, made a lifelong friend; changed the course of someone's life by taking the time to offer support and encouragement at just the right time. But it's also possible that a detour may help us gain a new appreciation of the value and beauty of our original path. You know how we sometimes think the grass is greener on the other side--that is, until we get there.

I know it can be challenging not to become impatient and flustered when faced with life's detours. But we never know what we'll find on that other path. It may be a blessing. It's worth staying open to the possibilities.


04/15/2014 2:13pm

That is so funny. I just experienced a detour recently and discovered something I never knew was in this area, that I have lived in all my life. I also discovered a new way to get where I needed to go.I hated the detour at the time naturally, because I was in a hurry,but I appreciated the discovery.

04/15/2014 2:28pm

You're in good company, Doreen.:-)

04/16/2014 2:53am

Detours usually just get me lost. I have no sense of direction. ;-) !!!


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