As we age, many of us have the "pleasure" of experiencing gray hair. Some of us consider it rude, as it imposes itself on us like an unwelcome guest. Stubborn and confrontational, it appears--seemingly out of nowhere--in places it should not be seen. And while to others it may look silvery, bright, and sophisticated, we see it as dull, lifeless, gloomy, and aging. So, in a constant battle, we may pluck it, tuck it, pull it, curse it, cut it, color it and/or cover it--only to have it and "friends" (as if it were lonely the first time) come back again. But there are some of us who accept having gray hair as a natural progression of aging, while still others actually embrace gray hair as a welcome symbol of age and beauty.

Our life issues/problems
can be like gray hair. Forces to be reckoned with, they often make their presence known at inopportune times. We can pretend they don't exist or attempt to cover them up, but they will re-appear until adequately addressed. And when we are able to accept that they're a part of life and deal with them head-on, we build character, gain wisdom and, hopefully, welcome the lesson(s) as part of our maturation process. Those grays . . . those pesky, pesky grays.



07/22/2014 1:20am

Oh those blessed stubborn grays -- I color them every six weeks, you betcha!!!

07/22/2014 1:42am

:-) I should do the same, Estelle, but instead I pretend there's just a couple of pieces here and there and use Gray Away to address them. It has been brought to my attention, however, that if I'm using the entire can for one application, perhaps it's time for another approach. LOL

07/22/2014 7:03am

Nothing but the TRUTH. I'm still LAUGHING.

07/22/2014 10:41am



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