What If?



What if we:
  • spent as much time connecting with each other in-person as we spend on email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.?
  • sent handwritten notes to each other to express our gratitude, concern, love, sympathy, good news, etc.?
  • said hello to anyone with whom we come into contact--including strangers, and those with whom we have strained or no relationships?
  • made more deposits into others' lives than withdrawals?
  • offered to others the mercy and forgiveness we seek?
  • were kind to those who are unkind to us?
  • lived our lives without fear of failure?
  • lived our dreams?
  • practiced peace in our daily living?
  • remembered that charity begins at home?
  • focused on what we have rather than what we don't have?
  • lived lives that set good examples for our children?
  • lived lives in which our words and actions were consistent?
  • treated our elders with respect and compassion?
  • listened more than we talked?
  • spent time each day nurturing our minds, bodies, and souls?
  • treated each other the way we want to be treated?

Yes, what if?



09/23/2014 10:16am

Thanks, there a few things on the what if list that I need to work on
that's for sure. It really would be a more peaceful atmosphere for
everyone if we all look at what if and did the things suggested.

09/23/2014 11:05am

I'm working on a few myself.

09/23/2014 6:41pm

Then we would be exactly like "Jesus"! But it is something to strive for. AAHH, but when we get our glorified bodies , , ,


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